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Rotapower - The engine of the future

Why is this engine so good?

This is a story about the Rotapower family of engines - a spin-off from the development of the Moller Skycar and arguably the best and most advanced engine in the world today. The Rotapower family of engines are small-but-powerful; lightweight; ultra low emissions; cheap-to-produce 4 stroke engines that have taken many years to develop but which are now ready for the production phase.

We have achieved 2.5 hp per lb of engine weight which is a record for a 4-stroke engine operating at normal RPMs. We have unique patents on rotor-cooling and lubrication. We have many other attributes to our engines that allow them to revolutionize both ground and airborne transportation.

Did you know that the exhaust from a two-stroke jet-ski or tuk-tuk produces as much pollution in 1 day as a Rotapower engine would produce in 1 year? Isn't that just incredible? Whereas the exhaust from these engines can be cleaner than the air going in - imagine that!

These engines are set to become the 1st choice of many if not all hybrid car manufacturers and are the perfect replacement for all the dirty 2 stroke engines choking up many cities and damaging the people living in them.

There are hundreds of applications – just by replacing polluting noisy 2 stroke Tuk-Tuk engines or 2 stroke jet ski engines (just 2 hours of running produces the same pollution as a Rotapower would in an entire year) with inexpensive Rotapower engines would alone build a huge business. Then add the coming hybrid vehicle market etc...

Today's challenges

    • Dependence on petroleum
    • Pollution from emissions and a terrible carbon footprint
    • Piston engines that are heavy and increasingly complex
    • Existing and future fuel and emissions standards set by environmental agencies
    • The punitive charging or banning of vehicles with high emissions from pollution sensitive locations such as city centers

The goal

A new market-ready, general-purpose engine that meets these challenges in many profitable applications, including Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The solution

    • Freedom Motors' ROTAPOWER ® Engines
    • ROTAPOWER ® Engines being developed by Freedom Motors / Moller International are the ideal new general-purpose internal combustion engines because of their:
    • lighter weight and smaller size than piston engines of comparable horsepower
    • greatly reduced emissions - up to 99% less than piston engines
    • ability to run efficiently on a variety of fuels
    • mechanical simplicity, which means lower manufacturing and maintenance costs
    • flexibility of size and horsepower that fit many applications
    • virtual freedom from vibration
    • greatly reduced fuel consumption

BASIC ROTAPOWER® Engines are the ideal low-emissions solution for many non-automotive applications worldwide, with special attention to replacing ubiquitous but highly polluting 2-stroke piston engines.

With its simplicity, small size and untreated CO and HC emissions of over 95% less than all piston engines, BASIC ROTAPOWER® Engines should be considered to replace 2- and 4-stroke piston engines in countless non-automotive applications, including everything from lawnmowers to portable electrical generators, snowmobiles to chain saws, outboard engines to motor scooters.

COMPOUND ROTAPOWER® Engines simultaneously meet our two most urgent needs – (1) to decrease greenhouse emissions, and (2) to substantially diminish the world’s dependence on petroleum fuel.

With up to 40% less fuel consumption, over 95% fewer untreated emissions, and with far less size and weight of piston engines, COMPOUND ROTAPOWER® Engines have the potential to revolutionize the automotive industry in the early 21st Century. They are the ideal engine for PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles) of both the Parallel and Series concept, as well as a wide array of industrial, agricultural, and marine applications that demand low emissions and high fuel efficiency.

COMPOUND ROTAPOWER® Engines are also simpler, less expensive to manufacture and maintain, and are flex-fuel ready: gasoline, E85, pure ethanol, bio fuels, LPG, natural gas, diesel, methane, and hydrogen when that becomes economically viable. 1

1 Qualifies as a Flex-Fuel Vehicle (FFV), or “mixed-fuel vehicle” as defined in the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by the U.S. Congress.

Rotapower engines can be produced in all sizes for all applications

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