It's time we let our planet b r e a t h e
Rotapower - The engine of the future

Replace dirty 2-stroke engines with Rotapower

2-stroke engines have no place in the modern world. A world of rising sea levels, climate change and increasing carbon levels in the atmoshere.

Much of the polltion haze over many of the worlds cities are caused by 2 stroke engines. In China, most farm vehicles are 2 stroke.

2-stroke piston engines are infamous for their very high emissions of unburned hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide, and thus are sources of devastating air pollution in countless areas around the globe. Many governments are now demanding cleaner engines. Aside from the usual costs of gas, car insurance and maintenance checks, car owners are now faced with the costly dilemma of reducing emissions to comply with the rules.

EPA Report No. NR-010b . states that 2-stroke piston engines produce 34 times higher emissions of CO, and an astounding 725 times higher emissions of hydrocarbons, than California's ULEV standards.

Consequently, various U.S. and international entities have been legislating the replacement of the ubiquitous 2-stroke piston engines with 4-stroke piston engines to reduce emissions. However, 4-stroke pistons engines have over 10 times the moving parts of 2-strokes and are therefore more expensive to build, to own, and to maintain than 2-stroke engines or BASIC ROTAPOWER ® Engines. A 4-stroke piston engine is also heavier and larger, and would likely require the re-design of many existing applications.

Within the United States, highly polluting 2-stroke piston engines are still in wide use in lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, as well as in some outboard motors, snowmobiles, jet skis, scooters, karts, mopeds, and some motor scooters and small motorcycles, spewing pollution wherever they operate.

Rotapower engines are an immediate replacement for 2 stoke engines. They compare in the following way:

2 Stroke
Cost to manufacture
CO& HC 95% less. Nox 50% less, CO2 40% less
Fuel consumption
60% less
Range of fuels
2-stroke petrol/oil mixture
Flex-fuel ready: gasoline, E85, pure ethanol, biofuels, LPG, natural gas, diesel, methane, and hydrogen when that becomes economically viable
Difficult to muffle as intolerent to back pressure
Easy to muffle and with so little vibration, the engine is quiet
Vibration-free" because, unlike piston engines, its combustion force operates in the same rotational vector as its drive shaft!


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