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Press Release
London 20 May 09

Manufacturing Agreements Reaching Final Stages

Dr Paul Moller, Chairman Freedom Motors

Freedom Motors is nearing completion of an agreement to manufacture its Rotapower® engine for a broad range of applications.  The Company is working principally with PriMon Worldwide AG who plans to use the enormously under-utilized automotive manufacturing capacity available in Mexico to produce our engine .

Freedom Motors is also working with Future Engine Systems (see attachment).  FES intends to FAA certify and sell the Rotapower® engine into the aircraft industry.  This also has the potential to provide engines for the Skycar® and Neuera™ aircraft under construction at Moller International.

Backlog for Rotapower® Engines

Freedom Motors has received letters of intent to purchase over 950,000 Rotapower® engines (a total of approximately $1 billion in orders).  Visionary Vehicles (see is taking over two automotive factories in the US and has already placed a conditional order for 250,000 engines.  We expect this to become a firm order shortly.

Meeting California’s SULEV Performance Expectations

The Rotapower® engine remains the only engine to show that it can satisfy the Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (SULEV) performance requirements for California (see without exhaust after treatment.


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