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Rotapower - The engine of the future

Press Release
London 20 April 2009

Forget electric cars; hybrid-electric is the only game out of town

A new ultra clean, light and powerful hybrid engine called Rotapower is announced which is so advanced that the exhaust gases coming out of the engine can be cleaner than the air going into it. Because Rotapower engines are tiny but powerful, space is freed for longer-range batteries for the hybrid car. Rotapower engines can run on hydrogen as well as ethanol, bio fuels, diesel and petrol.

Peter Mustafa, shareholder and publicist for the revolutionary new engine commented, “the Rotapower engine will play a major part in reducing pollution levels worldwide along with automotive carbon footprints.  Furthermore, until electric-only cars have a range of 300 miles and 5-minute recharging along with a severe price-drop, few will be able to afford a separate and costly electric-only car just for town use. A car powered by a Rotapower hybrid engine enables a longer driving distance in pollution-free electric mode coupled with normal speeds, range and power when in hybrid mode”.

The engine, which, following years of development, and which is now ready for manufacture, can consume 40% less fuel than its rivals putting out 40% less carbon in the process. It is tiny, 1/6th the size of a diesel equivalent, ultra quiet and weighs little. It also has only 3 critical moving parts making it inherently reliable, quiet and inexpensive to maintain.

As well as being the ideal companion hybrid engine for the forthcoming plug-in hybrid electric cars, it also is the perfect replacement for the world’s dirty 2-stoke engines, which in one day can put out more pollution than a Rotapower engine will in an entire year.

Electric cars, by themselves, have poor range as was demonstrated today in Dunfermline when Geoff Hoon, the Transport Secretary, test drove the new Mini E which has a reported range of only 120 miles and the whole back seat and boot taken up by expensive batteries. Some other cars only have a range of 60 miles. Plug-in hybrid electric cars, however, have the range of a normal car. The Rotapower engine scores highly as its tiny volume, weight and high power allows room for batteries without impacting on the passenger compartment or boot and enabling the car to run in electric mode for much longer.

The new Rotapower engine would dramatically help the government meet its 5-year low carbon green motoring transformation and the engine is ready for production now.

The company is seeking joint venture partners for manufacture and distribution of its engines and current countries under consideration are the UK and Ireland. With the decline in car manufacturing and the surge in demand for Rotapower engines the timing and synergy is impossible to ignore. It is the right solution at the right time.

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 It's time we let our planet b r e a t h e

These two engine have yet to be stylized to visually look powerful. Although ultra light and green, they are immensely powerful for their size and weight.

Rotapower twin-rotor engine

The 160 hp engine being held below has about the same power as the massive engine in the Mercedes 270 ML diesel 4-wheel drive.



Rotapower single-rotor 530cc engine


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