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Transparency statement: Peter Mustafa of Galerie Ltd has been officially appointed by Dr Paul Moller, Chairman of both Freedom Motors Inc and Moller International Inc for the purposes of publicising the Rotapower & Skycar opportunities. Peter Mustafa also holds the office of Head of SOMI (Stockholders of Moller International Inc) a position he will relinquish when in due course he takes a seat on the board for both Freedom Motors & Moller International Inc as Director of European Operations.

Compliance: any potential investor coming forward must be definable as being a Sophisticated Investor in order to comply with relevant statutory investment regulations governed by the FSA (UK) & SEC (USA).

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Disclaimer: this website and all information contained within it, including document downloads, contain forward looking statements and is likely to be frequently amended. We cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions nor is it our responsibility to advise you of any amendments nor can it form part of any ongoing contract.

Due diligence: you are advised to perform due diligence through a professional advisor before making any commitments.
This communication is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to purchase the securities of Moller International inc or Freedom Motors Inc. An offer may only be made by delivery to the offeree of formal disclosure and subscription documents.

Registering your interest: by emailing your details in the first instance to or Tel: +44 7966 456515.

Earlier information: please note that all previous documentation or information distributed by Galerie International prior to the existence of this website must be considered out of date and therefore invalid. We will do our best to keep this website live and provide you with all knowledge on the subject of Rotapower and it’s various opportunities.

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