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Welcome to Rotapower®

22 Jan 10 . . . Freedom Motors (Rotapower) to go public. IPO expected Q2
12 Jan 10 . . . Moller signs historic engine manufacturers agreement

The world's most advanced and cleanest hybrid engine for electric cars will soon enter production.

The world needs a new type of engine that bridges the gap between the engines of today which are complex and polluting and the engines of tomorrow which may be electric. Freedom Motors have developed such a family of engines. It is called Rotapower - powerful tiny engines so lean that the exhaust coming out can be cleaner than the air going in.

We have achieved 2.5 hp per lb of engine weight which is a record for a 4-stroke engine operating at normal RPMs.

News 12 Jan 10 . . . Reviews and discussions are underway with a number of major engine and car manufacturers to build Rotapower under license for specific territories. The Company is currently discussing uses of its Rotapower® rotary engine for both today's aircraft and other non-aircraft related applications. Moller - "we have a terms sheet signed regarding high-volume engine production with a major manufacturer and hope to have an agreement in place shortly". To participate >>

Design . . .

The design team is led by Dr Paul Moller, the widely acclaimed former Professor of Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering at California University.

Dr Moller's work has been recognised and endorsed by Boeing, NASA and the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The company has also undertaken a number of projects on behalf of NASA and is well known in automotive and aeronautical circles.

"Paul Moller is one of the finest engineers in the country" Dr. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA's Langley Research Centre.

Chart: competing engines comparison and attributes

The questions everyone asks. . . .

"Why, if Rotapower is so astonishing in the way that it offers so many solutions to the world's profligate consumption of oil and polluting emissions, has it taken so long for major motor manufacturers to show interest?"

If every project, idea and invention had to wait until it became mainstream in order to achieve acceptance, phrases such as: pioneering, trailblazing, radical, innovative, progressive, revolutionary, avant-garde, etc, would be redundant.

Main-stream auto manufacturers were not generally interested in technologies other than their own as they have so much invested in them. Hence, the inertia that resists change. We all know the mantra: if it ain't broke, why fix it? Well, what's now broke is the environment along with consumers fuel budgets.

That change is now happening is due to a convergence of forces. Namely: emergence from recession combined with environmental imperatives. Such as: President Obama stating that "America will lead the world in building the next generation of clean cars", then slashing funds from the 2010 budget for research into hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles from $169 million to $68 million and increasing the amount dedicated to programs for batteries, plug-in hybrids, and cars with large battery packs. The road to Rotapower is clearly now being ploughed.

So, who is initially interested in Rotapower?

With around $100 million already having been expended on our technology, many smaller OEM manufacturers have already declared themselves for our products. We now have letters of intent for almost 1,000,000 Rotapower engines. Worth around US$950 million.

These initial orders are conditional upon being able to demonstrate that the outstanding peer reviewed performance from our various prototype engines can be reproduced with engines manufactured from production tooling. We do not doubt the performance will be at least as good, but we nonetheless have to demonstrate this.

This is our next phase and it is for this reason we invite 3rd party involvement.

This could be in the form of:

  • Equity funding
  • Debt funding
  • Joint venture
  • Licensing/territorial franchise
  • Manufacture

Anyone interested in participating should in the first instance contact Peter Mustafa >

Imagine a new type of 4-stroke combustion engine that has just undergone a Paradigm Shift in development performance placing it way in front of all other engines. An engine that is on average 90% cleaner, 75% smaller, 50% lighter, 40% more fuel efficient and 40% less expensive to manufacture compared with all other types of engines before it and in all application, including: cars, boats, power tools, portable power generation etc.

Imagine a new type of engine with only 3 major moving parts and where the exhaust coming out can be cleaner than the air going in producing less than 1% of the emissions of a comparable two-stroke engine and only 60% of a four-stroke piston engine (recently verified by [CARB] California Air Resources Board).

Imagine that this engine is designed as the perfect hybrid engine for use in any of the new generation hybrid vehicles soon to enter production lines.

Imagine the good fortune of hitting the market with a revolutionary product precisely at a time when customers all over the world are embracing and expecting - green, clean, frugal machines.

Imagine being in the right place at the right time to invest and exploit such an opportunity.

Imagine no longer . . . the dream is now a reality.

Rotapower Engine 165HP weighing only 68 lbs

This non-polluting 160 hp engine produces the same power
as an engine 3 to 6 times it's size, such as an Audi A4.
Production models will be dressed to thrill.


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